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Catching up to us:
- By train: station of Locri - railway connections from the greatest Italian cities
- By bus: lines directed from Rome and Milan with stopped to Locri (Federico bus companies: tel (0039) 0965644747)
By car: A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria - Exit Rosarno - Jonio-Tirreno Road towards Marina di Gioiosa Jonica - Siderno - Locri
- By airplane: Airport of Reggio Calabria or Airport of Lamezia Terme


Siderno 3km
Gerace 5km
Marina di Gioiosa 7km
Roccella Jonica 15km
Aspromonte 15km
Stilo 50km
Reggio Calabria 100km
Mammola 16km
Santa Domenica di Placanica - Sanctuary Madonna dello Scoglio 20 km


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Residence Gnura Momma - Via Don Vittorio 63 - 89044 Locri (RC) ITALY - Tel/Fax 0039 0964 235276